Massage Therapy

A massage session typically includes a variety of techniques, such as Swedish massage for stress reduction, deep tissue massage for chronic pain and tension, and myofascial release for enhanced tissue mobility. Registered Massage Therapy can help with a wide range of issues, including pain relief, improved circulation and tissue health, stress and anxiety reduction, increased range of motion, post-surgical and injury recovery, and sports performance and recovery. This comprehensive approach promotes both physical and emotional well-being, supporting overall health.

Masectomy Guide Certification

A mastectomy guide massage certification for Registered Massage Therapists is an enhanced training program designed to educate and equip massage therapists with the skills and knowledge needed to provide therapeutic massage for individuals who have undergone any type of surgery to the breast or chest, including a mastectomy, lumpectomy, augmentation, or top surgery, and for general breast health. This certification typically includes training on post-surgical care, scar tissue management, and addressing the physical and emotional needs of patients.

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